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Through the Annual Associate Engagement Survey and other feedback channels, our associates shared that they’d like more choices when it comes to health insurance. Instead of a single carrier health insurance model. In 2024 PetSmart will now offer an exchange model, delivering a wide range of choices for health insurance based on individual needs and geography, including carrier choice, provider preference, plan design structure and per-paycheck cost. In 2024, associates will experience an enhanced enrollment experience and decision support tools to ensure they’re equipped with the healthcare plan that best fits their own specific needs and lifestyle.


  • Enrollment process will be moving out of HRConnect into the NEW PetSmart Benefits Portal
    • Providing decision support tools
    • Mobile App version available
    • AI chatbot–”Ask Lisa”
    • View all premiums
  • Giving associate choices
    • Broader associate choice in health insurance carriers
      • US associates can see options like: Cigna, UHC, Aetna, etc. and regional carriers like Kaiser
      • Hawaii associates will see HSMA and Kaiser options
    • More plan design options, moving to the AON Exchange
    • Health insurance costs are shared between PetSmart and the associate. Associate will now have the option to buy-up for different plan coverage or carriers.

Additional changes for 2024

  • New voluntary benefits offered through MetLife, more details available on the Make It Yours site.
    • Critical Illness
    • Hospital Indemnity
    • Accident Insurance
  • Ability to elect up to 3x additional life without providing evidence of insurability
  • Ability to enroll in Voluntary LTD plan, this year only, without providing evidence of insurability
  • Programs that are ending 12/31/23
    • HRA attached to current PPO2 plan
    • Dependent Day Care FSA
    • Specialist Management Solutions (FMS) program

Health Program Highlights

  • Hello Heart High blood pressure is a serious situation that can lead to chronic conditions like heart disease. The Hello Heart blood pressure monitor, and mobile app help you track, understand and manage your blood pressure, reducing your risk of developing serious heart conditions. Available to associates enrolled in a medical plan through a national carrier.
  • Daylight is an effective digital therapeutic that helps people gain control over their anxiety. After a two-minute quiz to discover their Anxiety Type, individual receive personalized techniques to help manage it. Available to associates enrolled in a medical plan through a national carrier.
  • Sleepio. Do you suffer from insomnia? Sleepio offers a personalized program with step-by-step guidance to help individual quiet their racing minds, reshape behaviors, and get better sleep. Available to associates enrolled in a medical plan through a national carrier.
  • Hinge Health allows members to consult with a dentist 24/7/365 through myCigna.com. Get help with urgent dental care needs, including antibiotics and guided follow-up care. Virtual visits are covered at 100% so the member does not have any out-of-pocket costs to access the care. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Check out these frequently asked questions.

All premiums can be found in the new PetSmart Benefits Portal. The PetSmart Benefits Portal will be your one stop shop to make all your enrollment decisions, including additional life insurance, voluntary benefits and more!

With the move away from the current medical plan designs, the existing PPO2 plan that the HRA is attached to will be ending. Current balance can be used on claims incurred through December 31, 2023, that are eligible for the HRA can be submitted through March 31, 2024. After this time, the remaining HRA balance will be forfeited.

A health savings account allows you to save money for qualified medical expenses for this year and the future. Associates that enroll in a qualifying High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) get access to enroll in a Health Savings Account (HSA). The Bronze Plan is the new HDHP for 2024. PetSmart contributes to your HSA each year you are enrolled. Individual coverage enrollment earns $250/year, and family coverage earns $500/year – that’s free money!

Any money you have in your Health Savings Account will remain with you until it is used. If you don’t elect a qualified High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) in 2024, you will still have access to your HSA funds. If you do elect a qualified HDHP plan (Bronze Plan) in 2024, you will have the option to contribute pre-tax money into your HSA account through pay-roll deductions. Optum Bank will remain the HSA bank moving into the 2024 year.

That’s right, YOU have life insurance. Why is it important to name a beneficiary? In the event of your death, we must know who you designate to receive the benefit proceeds. If a beneficiary is not named, or hasn’t been updated, the insurance policy or state law decides who receives the funds. We want to make sure the proceeds go to the person, trust or organization of your choice so we encourage you to review you beneficiary now!

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Learn more about what a Health Savings Account (HSA) is and how it works.