Do you have aging parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or even children with special needs in your life?

Homethrive knows that balancing work, life, and caring for a loved one who is aging or has special needs can feel overwhelming. That’s why they created Dari. Designed specifically to make life easier, Dari delivers expert guidance and support whenever, wherever and however it’s convenient for you. You can read articles on understanding a diagnosis and what to expect, listen to podcasts about navigating Medicare, ask a professional concierge for recommendations for senior living communities near you, watch videos on home safety, delve into guides on self-care, and so much more.

When you sign up for Dari, you’ll get access to:

  • 24/7 On-Demand Resources: Read articles, listen to podcasts, or watch videos on topics like Medicare open enrollment, the signs of early dementia, and tips on interviewing in-home care providers.
  • Live Chat and Recommendations: Chat live with our aging and caregiving experts to get real answers from real people, or submit a request for a personalized product or service recommendation.
  • 1:1 Care Guide Support ($49/month): Work directly with one of our expert Care Guides when you need personalized advice and emotional support for any situation, no matter how big or small.

Homethrive works with families across the nation and loved ones in any situation. Visit to access your benefit today.

Homethrive is being offered to all PetSmart associates and their family members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Homethrive is a compassionate, fast-growing company that is transforming how family caregivers are supported. It was founded by people experiencing the challenges of caregiving who wanted to give back and help others in similar situations. In a short time, Homethrive has grown into a leading resource for caregiving support. Homethrive works with thousands of employees every day to help ease the difficult and stressful responsibility of supporting loved ones who are aging or have special needs, while making sure they also take time to care for themselves.
  • Enrolling in Medicare
  • Navigating a diagnosis
  • Choosing long-term care
  • Planning for the future
… and so much more! Whether you just want to look around and watch a few videos, check out a self-care spa guide, or are struggling with challenging family issues, Homethrive is here for you. It’s easy to sign up and there is no cost to you. Homethrive helps you with all your aging, caregiving, and special needs questions.

All PetSmart employees are eligible. You can use your benefit to help support any loved one who is aging or has special needs (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, you name it!).

Visit to get started at any time. Once you register, you can choose to sign up for one-on-one support from a dedicated Care Guide by clicking the “Get More Help” button in the upper right-hand corner.

Self-guided support through Dari is offered at no cost to all PetSmart employees and their families. The cost for one-on-one support is $49/month