Financial Guidance

Fidelity Financial Guidance

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we offer education and workshops through our Fidelity partnerships.

From budgeting and debt management to reducing health care costs and understanding Social Security, we can help to break it all down—and provide next steps to help you get on track.

Visit this Fidelity site that covers key fundamental financial topics and is designed to help you easily get information to help you make more confident decisions. Whether you need a refresher or are starting from scratch, the resources on the site can help you get—and stay—on track. Go ahead and explore a topic—then get your next best steps.

Ally Financial Guidance

Managing finances can be overwhelming. You work hard to earn your money—how can you be sure you’re getting the most out of it and keeping it safe? You don’t need to figure it out all alone. Ally offers free, confidential access to experts including 60 minute consultations with credited financial specialists. Our financial counseling services help you find answers to questions about budget planning, retirement planning, credit card debt, home buying, bankruptcy, and more. To get started, visit, access code 12347.

This is a FREE resource available to ALL associates including those not enrolled in a UnitedHealthCare plan.