Work or Life Changes

Certain events in your personal or professional life may affect your PetSmart benefits.

Shifting from Part-Time or Full-Time

  • Shifting from part-time to full-time may impact your eligibility for medical, dental, and other benefits, including paid time off accruals. To learn more about what you’re eligible for visit the Benefits 101 page.
  • Moving from full-time to part-time will impact your eligibility for medical, dental, and other benefits, including paid time off accruals.
  • These FAQs provide additional information about changes to your work status.

Rehired by PetSmart

Full-time associates returning to work at PetSmart:

  • Returning to work at PetSmart within 30 days of separation may result in years of service being bridged back to the latest hire/rehire date. Associates must have worked within 30-days of their separation date to be eligible for bridging. Any unused balance for vacation, sick, and discretionary hours will be reinstated including the original eligibility date. The previous health benefits elections are reinstated on the first day of the month after your rehire date, and in accordance with the reinstatement rights under applicable law, if you are rehired into a full-time position.
  • Returning to work at PetSmart more than 30 days after separation will result in eligibility for benefits after the same waiting period as any other new PetSmart associate and in accordance with the reinstatement rights under applicable law.

Don’t see what you need? Contact the Benefits Team by phone at 1-866-263-8411 or by email at 

Making Changes to your PetSmart Benefits

At the time of a qualified event, you may be eligible to change your enrollment, including adding or removing dependents enrolled in your benefits plans. Qualified events include: birth/adoption of a child, marriage, divorce, death, or gain/loss of other coverage. If you’re eligible to make a change to your benefits, you must make the change within 30 days of the date of the event, or you will need to wait until the next open enrollment. To report a qualified event, log into your account on the Benefits Portal and navigate to the Work/Life page. If there are questions please reach out to the Benefits Center at 1-844-481-0101

Based on your work or life change, you may need to take additional action related to your qualified event. See the chart below for next steps based on each type of change.


Qualified Events

Make change on Benefit Portal

Enroll in Benefits within 45 days of change

Contact your leader

Part-time to Full-time?




Rehired by PetSmart?




Unable to work due to illness/injury?



Have a Court-ordered dependent?



Need to add or remove a dependent?



Gain or loss of other coverage?



Illness or Injury at Work

If you’re injured at work, immediately notify your leader on duty for assistance in seeking appropriate workers’ compensation medical attention. Workers’ compensation coverage is provided by PetSmart at no cost to you.

PetSmart is required to report all workers’ compensation claims to the applicable authorities within a certain time period. The leader on duty must print and complete the Puerto Rico CFSE-373 form and submit to the Risk Management team. The leader will also provide you, the associate, a copy of the completed form.

  • Send the associate to the State Insurance Fund’s regional filing office or the intermediate dispensary closest to their home for examination and medical treatment as needed.
  • See the Returning to Work After Work Related Injury/Illness Procedure for more information on the Puerto Rico return to work process.
  • Complete the Associate Accident Investigation Report (AAIR).


Adoption Assistance Program

Adding to the pack? If you’re thinking about adopting, PetSmart is here for you.

The Adoption Assistance Program allows eligible full-time associates, with one year of service, to apply for a reimbursement of up to $2,000 per child. You can apply this money toward legal fees, domestic transportation costs, counseling fees and other expenses. Eligible associates can also receive 4 weeks of paid parental leave, if eligible. Contact the Leave and Disability Team for more information at 1-800-521-7387 or To fill out a reimbursement form, click here.

U.S. law requires that adoption assistance expenses be reimbursed only through a qualified plan for our company to help. If you have a qualifying adoption-related expense, PetSmart will provide reimbursement to you up to this plan’s limit. Availability of this benefit is limited to the following provisions:

  • You must be a full-time associate and have completed at least one year of service with PetSmart.
  • Your adoption expenses must be qualified as defined by the Internal Revenue Service under Internal Revenue Code Section 137.
  • The child being adopted must be under the age of 18.
  • The maximum reimbursement limit for the adoption of a child is $2,000, with a lifetime maximum of $8,000.
  • Covered expenses include the following: Public/private agency fees court costs, legal fees associated with the adoption, temporary foster care by an approved agency, domestic transportation costs, counseling fees associated with the placement and initial adjustment, medical costs that are not covered under the current medical plan,
  • Covered adoption expenses will not be reimbursed until the adoption is finalized.
  • If two associates are married and both are employed by PetSmart, the adoption benefit will be available to only one associate per adoption.
  • Stepparent adoptions are excluded from the Adoption Assistance Program.

Long-Term Cash Retirement Provision

The LTC Retirement Provision helps recognize the contributions of associates who have made a long-term commitment to PetSmart.