PetSmart Associate Assistance Foundation (PAAF)

Helping our fellow associates is an important part of PetSmart’s culture and that’s why we set up the PetSmart Associate Assistance Foundation (PAAF). Since 2011, PAAF has been turning hardship into hope by providing emergency services and short-term financial relief to PetSmart associates facing financial hardship following an unforeseen crisis. PAAF is funded by donations from PetSmart, and our associates, to help one another in their time of need.


The application for a grant from PAAF is open to all PetSmart associates who are experiencing extreme hardships due to a qualifying triggering event, regardless if you are part-time or full-time, hourly or salary.

Qualifying events

A qualifying event, as defined by PAAF, is a recent and unanticipated event that has caused a financial hardship within the last 6 months. Qualifying events include: natural disasters, house fire, major home repairs that present unsafe living conditions (roof repair, major plumbing), involuntary unemployment due to layoff or position elimination, illness or injury, domestic violence, or death.

Expenses covered

PAAF considers a qualifying expense as one that addresses basic living expenses for which the applicant is unable to pay. Examples of this include past due rent/mortgage, past due basic utilities (gas, electricity, oil and water ONLY), food and clothing, major home repairs, security deposits to establish a new residence, and essential funeral expenses.

How to apply

To apply for a grant from PAAF, please visit the PAAF application. Currently, an associate may be issued a grant, once within a 12- month period, for a lifetime maximum of 3 grants or $7500 – whichever comes first. Requests may take up to five (5) to seven (7) business days to process, but may take longer if required documentation is not submitted in a timely manner.

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How to donate

PAAF is funded 100% by our caring associates either by a one-time donation, or through payroll deductions. To update donation timing or amounts, email

Helpful resources

Ally, our employee assistance program – Additional help is available if you and your family members are dealing with any well-being issues. From managing stress to addressing financial challenges to learning to be a better parent. Ally is a FREE resource for ALL associates, including part-time associates. You don’t have to enroll, and you’re eligible automatically, whether you’re in any other insurance plans or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

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All grant requests are evaluated by a disbursement committee comprised of PetSmart associates from a diverse range of departments and positions. This committee is governed by guidelines adopted by the foundation’s Board of Directors.

Requests may take up to five (5) to seven (7) business days to process. The main cause for delays is due to lack of information around the qualifying event or lack of documentation. Requests submitted without the proper documentation will result in the PAAF Administrator following-up for additional information which will delay the approval process.

For those associates who reside in Puerto Rico, funds are distributed via an accounts payable check.

Associates cannot resubmit an application that was previously denied. Associates are eligible to submit a new application after six (6) months, should a new triggering event occur. All decisions of the committee are final.