Life Events

Big or small, we're here for them all!

Time away from PetSmart

Vacation, holidays, sick days, and more!

Work or Life Changes

If you have a qualifying event, see how it may impact your benefits.

Life and Accident Insurance

Accidents happen. See how PetSmart helps you be prepared.

Leave of Absence and Accommodations

Family, medical, and disability leaves.


Ally is our employee assistance program (EAP) that offers a wealth of services.

Associate Assistance Foundation

Financial support for associates in need.


Take care of your health and wellness. Explore our wellness program here.

Frequently Asked Questions

All associates working 115 hours per month are eligible to accrue time at 1.25 days per month and can earn up to 15 days per year.

PTO hours are visible in HR Connect on the Paid Time Off page.