2024 Open Enrollment October 16–27

Open Enrollment Checklist

  • You MUST take action!
  • Curent elections WILL NOT carry over into 2024
  • Log into the PetSmart Benefits Portal to make your 2024 elections
    • First time users need to create their account by selecting “new user” under the Log In button

Ready to Enroll?

Log on to the new PetSmart Benefits Portal, starting 10/16/23, to make your 2024 benefit elections.

First time users nee to create their account by selection “new user” under the Log In button

Our health and wellness offerings provide a variety of programs and plans to help you Be Well, Get Better, and Feel Prepared. Whether it’s medical benefits, mental health support or updating your beneficiary, explore this website to learn about all the plans, resources, and programs available to you and your eligible dependents – and Feel Prepared. One way we are supporting our associates Be Well, Get Better, and Feel Prepared is by upgrading the enrollment experience for associate benefits. Starting October 16th, associates will need to log in the new PetSmart Benefits Portal to make benefit elections for January 2024.

Don’t Forget Your Plan Includes

  • Lower copay for outpatient surgery centers, only $25
  • Lower copay for urgent care centers, only $15 for illness or accident
  • No annual limits for: CT, PET CT or PET Scans and MRI coverage, may require pre-certification
  • Nutrition Services covers up to 6 visits per policy year
  • Addition of Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage $10,000 under the Triple S medical plan, when enrolled
  • Increased copay for certain specialist and group therapy, now $15

Frequently Asked Questions

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Check out these frequently asked questions.

Triple-S en Casa is a prescription drug delivery service available to you when enrolled in the medical plan. For your convenience, you can choose to have your medications and/or over the counter (OTC) items delivered directly to your home, office or to the address of your choice. Deliveries are made to all municipalities in Puerto Rico. Some restrictions apply so review this document for more details.

Preventive Care Centers are offered to you when enrolled in the medical plan. There are 10 Preventive Care Centers available to you.

That’s right, YOU have life insurance. Why is it important to name a beneficiary? In the event of your death, we must know who you designate to receive the benefit proceeds. If a beneficiary is not named, or hasn’t been updated, the insurance policy or state law decides who receives the funds. We want to make sure the proceeds go to the person, trust or organization of your choice so we encourage you to review you beneficiary now!

Clinical Care Programs are offered to members enrolled in the medical plan that need assistance managing a chronic condition, such as diabetes or asthma, and short-term conditions such as pregnancy or accidents. For more information about Clinical Care Programs contact Triple-S at 787-706-2552.